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Gaurav Pratap Singh a.k.a GPS! This pro cross-country rider was born and brought up in Chandigarh. His childhood, as he remembers it, was a series of cycle trips undertaken through school bunks. It was then that he started going for the Flag Offs of Raid De Himalaya which is the world’s highest rally raid, a Mecca of rallying in Asia. He would follow the rally on cycle even upto its extreme stages. It was this experience that ignited his deep love for the mountains and the adventures they hold in their midst. This off-road exploration pulled him into the world of biking which eventually led him to his first professional rally SMC Shimla Challenge in 2008. He was a novice with a Yamaha 135, yet he bagged the second rank! At that time all he had was his skill, his speed and his guts.

Following this victory, he started his post graduation in Mass Comm and Journalism in 2009. Alongside his studies, he participated in a number of motor-sports conducted by the Northern Motorsports Association and Himalayan Motorsports Association. He also has a number of podium finishes in events some of which include Goan Motocross 2010, Sjoba Rally 2009 etc. But GPS was aiming higher. He wanted the Raid De Himalaya trophy. In 2010, he participated in the Raid De Himalaya 2010 Alpine, which is a qualifier of sorts for the extreme race. He ranked 3rd in class in this event. His future plans were put on hold when, in 2011 he met with a severe accident during his practice session and broke 32 bones in his face, arms and legs. Even this failed to deter him and he was back with a bang in 2013 Raid De Himalaya rally where he was overall 6th. He’s become quite a pro, as he ranked 3rd in class in the 2015 Raid De Himalaya rally. This Chandigarh lad is on the highway to the stars (on his KTM)!

He has been working with Inme since 2011 in various roles. He is a Mountain Biking Instructor and also an irreplaceable part of the Operations Team at the Delhi Office. An adventurer at heart, he also loves running, Scuba diving, back packing, kayaking, and snorkelling.

His next big dream is to win the Dakar Rally at Paris!

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