Health Mela


When the healing hands of youth embrace communities

Inme students. A comprehensive health clinic. And healthy communities.

This was the unbeatable combination that led to the birth of Health Melas organized by our students for the villages surrounding our campus. We’ve never looked back since then.

Today, 30 Health Melas down the line since inception, with over 5000 beneficiaries who bear testimony to the efficacy of the health initiatives spearheaded by Inme participants, we rededicate ourselves to benefiting communities that surround our campus.

Each health mela can minister to as many as 250 patients. And each mela is flawlessly managed by Inme students – from keeping the villagers informed to running the pharmacies. Thanks to their efforts, the villagers have learnt to entrust their health to our doctors, and demonstrate their appreciation of the students’ contribution to their wellbeing, in no small measure.

Inme students are involved in a comprehensive range of activities, including:

  • Keeping communities informed: Inviting the villagers, offering them free services such as consultations and basic medicines.
  • Manning the registration desk during the mela.
  • Dispensing appointment tickets and ensuring crowd control with orderly queues.
  • Handling preliminary investigations such as identifying the patients’ issues, monitoring BP, temperature and weight.
  • Managing the waiting area and keeping attendants occupied by staging skits for adults, with socially relevant messages that focus on alcohol abuse, hygiene and the health risks of tobacco, among others.
  • Entertaining children who often come as attendants, with games.
  • Pharmacy management, along with dispensing of medicines in keeping with doctors’ prescriptions.

And so, the journey continues. Inspiring new batches of Inme students to continue with this tradition of healing the villages that surround us. So they may experience the pride and joy of seeing happy, healthy communities, as did those who came before them.

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