Manvi Gupta

Manvi 3

Marketing expert, inme brand manager…and super lady on 2 wheels!

Manvi has been working at inme for over 6 years now. Over the years she has slipped into the roles of a marketing and brand expert, an inme biking instructor and now a Campus Chief. She truly epitomizes the inme ethos ‘there is much much more inme’…

She has more biking miles on her bicycle than anyone else in inme! She has been a part of 3 Great American Bicycle Rides (GABR) and a veteran of it now. What I remember clearly is the first GABR program and the preparation phase before that which she had to go through. Yes, even inme instructors have to work hard and put in time to sharpen their skills and stay fit. She started with 10 km biking stretches per day and moved on to 40 km stretches per day (over a 6 week period), which included biking uphill and downhill. Bicycle maintenance, fixing punctures, etc. are also what she picked up for the program. On GABR she played the sweeping role i.e. the last biker on the trail who ensures that no one is left behind and everyone makes it through every day of biking. What many people don’t know is that she can cook really well, breakfast being her specialty. But singing in tune is not what she is known for!

Manvi is also our resident Candy Crush and Game of thrones expert, and Pulse candy crazy.

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