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Celebrating the bonds of knowledge – because each one teaches one

The year: 2014. The location: Mora village. The participants: Inme students. The beneficiaries: The village children. And hence, their families, too.

This pretty much sums up what we have been striving to achieve with our teaching initiatives under the umbrella of our village development programs. We started these programs by adopting the villages around our campus. We then launched a survey, conducted by our participants, to identify how, and what, we needed to do to meet the needs of the villages. Among the areas identified by our faculty and participants, for village development in Mora village, was the need for ‘Better education for the village children’. And so was born our teaching initiative – Each One Teach One.

Our efforts to make up for the lack of regular classes (due to Government teachers having to service multiple schools) gave rise to one-on-one classes, with each of our participants teaching a child from the village. The initiative began with just 20 children from the village attending classes. A week later, every school going child from the village of Mora was attending the one-hour class, followed by 30 minutes of play time and tea and snacks. It was only a matter of time before the children’s marks showed a 50% increase.

The Each One Teach One initiative has been making great strides. By the summer of 2016, children from other neighboring villages were also attending classes every afternoon. And much to their credit, Inme participants were successful in convincing the local Gujjar families to send their children for classes instead of having to tend to cattle.

The initiative has had a two-pronged positive effect in that, apart from the village students, the participants themselves enjoy the experience and have asked if they can teach for more than the scheduled hour and are willing to give up on their evening ‘fun’ activities. All in all, the initiative has created a win-win situation for all concerned.

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