Mother of participant
Kavya Ponnapa
Mother of Inme participant

The Inme summer camps have always had a positive effect on my son. The camps have helped him boost his levels of self-confidence, spending days being both physically and mentally active, building sports abilities and developing a sense of adventure. It has given him the opportunity to reconnect with nature while unplugging himself completely from technology.

Mother of Participant at Tons campus | inme
Parul Mittal
Mother of Participant at Tons campus

I want to thank inme for being extremely proactive and supportive when my daughter experienced respiratory distress while on the Tons camp. The doctor on site and the team expertly handled the situation. The Delhi team was available to me all through the sleepless night as there was no connectivity to camp.

They also took action on their own to send a doctor from Delhi to Dehradun to accompany my daughter back from camp via flight.
I am confident to send her again for an inme camp. Inme is a unique company that truly believes in each child as being their own.

Thank you so much once again!

Mother of Ruhika Uppalapati, Y2 participant, 2017.
Shalini Devi Ganapathiraju
Mother of Ruhika Uppalapati, Y2 participant, 2017

Ruhika had a great time in Yercaud. She particularly thanked Toni Sir and Bianca Aunty for making it even more memorable. I , as a parent, can't thank you enough for the importance of subtle discipline , life skills instilled in them.

Caring for each other, responsibility for the surroundings be it the tent or nature around, being spontaneous and reacting when small problems are posed, accepting the diversity and being sensitive to each other etc... seem to be a given thing on the tour. These qualities when imbibed allow the child to naturally bloom into a successful adult. Hoping my daughter will take these forward and adapt them into her everyday life.

Looking forward to more such sojourns with Team inme!! Best wishes!!

Fenny (mom of Jarvinya)
Mother of Jarvinya

Thank you inme to give Jarvinya such a wonderful experience! She came back with a big smile, a bundle of experiences, new friends , many skills and a pool of knowledge about the environment and her relationship with it.

She was very happy with her instructors and yummy food. It was very safe and extremely well organised. As a first time parent I've had no complaints and erased my inhibitions and fears and looking forward to give her more experiences with inme. Thank you so much for all the care and the enthusiastic experience you'll have the kids.

Sidharth George Varughese | inme participant
Sidharth George Varughese
inme Participant

As I was so excited, I did not sleep at all the night before leaving for inme camp. I was finally going to meet my friends after the exams.

We flew from Cochin to Delhi to Dehradun. We reached there in the afternoon and had tasty food. After that we were escorted to our tents as we were tired from the journey we could not do anything else that day.

The next 7 days were absolute fun and adventure.