Together we play, we learn, we excel

Together we play, we learn, we excel, create a positive culture | inme

As in any other sphere of life, schools too need to develop a sense of community. This helps strengthen bonds between all concerned – the students, teachers and parents. And requires all of them to pull together and work in tandem to foster a spirit of togetherness and harmony. Of sharing goals, of belonging, and finally, enhancing school spirit.

School spirit, inherently, propagates the concept of sharing. You share your defeats and victories; your joys and your pains; your hopes and your fears. School spirit is the common factor to all the stakeholders involved. So how do you go about building this spirit that binds people together?

Apart from all the inspiring and motivational talks that can be given to enhance school spirit, there are any number of activities that can be planned to achieve this. These activities can be designed to create an environment of cooperation and collaboration; of striving together to achieve a common goal; of feeling pride in collective victories. One way to do this is to encourage friendly competition.

When the contributions of stakeholders in achieving a common goal are acknowledged, a sense of pride is instilled. When they all feel equally responsible for having contributed, they feel they belong. That each and every one of them has played a part and made a difference. That they have all worked for the common good. That each one’s victory is another one’s triumph.

Activities that inspire teamwork right through a school, create a culture of community spirit. When students, teachers and parents are all equally involved in creating a positive culture that spurs on everybody to learn, improve and excel, the atmosphere changes to one of shared excellence. To feel ‘we are all in this together’.

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