Virender Nautiyal

Virender Nautiyal

Virender was born in Malideval village of Tehri. He did a short stint with the Indian Army before his love for adventure sports pulled him towards the mountaineering courses in Nehru Institute of mountaineering. After gaining requisite experience, in 2006 he set up his own company by the name of Tehri Adventure and Water Sports. 

Being born and bought up in the mountains he has seen countless accidents and lives lost due to negligence and failure of rescue operations. It was during that time he realized that you only wake up once tragedy hits close to home. He professionally took up water and accident rescue operations and has also been actively involved in running rescue ops as well as training at institutes such as…..

His alliance with Inme started in 2008 when he ended up doing a reccee for Inme with a friend and since then he has been juggling between running his company, running rescue operations and helping kids learn at inme camps.

A commendable feat, he has been involved in 147 water rescues and over 200 accident rescues. He is one who believes in always being prepared and carries his emergency rescue kit no matter where he goes!

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